Country: Croatia
Tel: +385 98 475 696

My name is Svjetlana Džaja, I am 41 years old. Married, mother of four children. Religious education teacher, I work in elementary school. After graduating from the Catholic Theological Faculty in Split, I began a formal education in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Collaborative Leadership. In 2017, I received a European degree in Psychotherapy of Reality Psychotherapy. During my training as a psychotherapist, together with a colleague, I founded my association “RT Nade” which is aimed at promoting and improving mental and spiritual health. We achieve our goals through individual and group approach, workshops, professional development (psychotherapy, counseling, supervision, lectures …). I actively participate in the work of the association until today. I gained psychotherapeutic experience through work in the association, and through cooperation with other associations and institutions that sought psychotherapy for their clients.