Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 62 289 989

I was  born in Sarajevo(Bosnia and Herzegovina)on November 24, 1968. year. I finish Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. I became a Master of Psychological Sciences in 2014.

I was educated in several psychotherapy schools. completed reality psychotherapy, psychodrama, EMDR, and child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy.  I became the first licensed psychotherapist from BiH in the European Association for Psychotherapy. 2004. became an instructor at the William Glasser Institute for Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. I have  professional engagements as an instructor in formal education in reality therapy and choice theory, and as a lecturer, psychotherapist, and supervisor in psychosocial work. I have the most experience working with children, adolescents, parents, spouses, clients with anxiety disorders, victims of violence, and clients who have traumatic experiences and losses In 2005. I published a manual for parents   “I would like to share with you”, was a co-author in two books, and published several professional papers in the field of psychology and psychotherapy .2017. published Inspirational Cards for Youth. In 2019, I published the book “The Journey of a Psychotherapist”. I’m Married and the mother of an adult daughter.