Country: Croatia
Tel: +385 91 7310415

My name is Katarina Levatić, I am 40 years old. I graduated psychology at the Missouri Southern State University, in the USA in 2004. After returning to Croatia I passed additional exams at the University of Osijek and obtained a Croatian diploma in psychology in 2008. I worked in the area of mental health services for ten years.

In May, 2018 I finished my formal education in psychotherapy and became Reality therapy psychotherapist and I obtained an European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP). Since then I work in private practice as a psychotherapist working with individuals and couples in person and online.

I am a member of HKPT (Croatian Chamber of Psychotherapists) and a part of its Governing Board. I am a member of HURT (Croatian Association of Reality Therapists).

I am married and have four children.