Country: Slovenia

Janko Bras, special education teacher, social worker, psychotherapist
A registered instructor at the William Glasser Institute and a faculty member at the EIRT. A licenced EIRT teacher-coach, clinical practice supervisor and an educative psychotherapist. Janko Bras has been active in the area of mental health services for thirty-seven years. He runs a private counselling and psychotherapy practice, cooperating with people who face various psychological, psychosocial and/or psychosomatic problems, as well as with their close relatives, working with individuals, couples and families, as well as with individuals who, trying to increase the quality of their lives, wish to improve their relationship with themselves and with others. 

Apart from his psychotherapeutic engagement he is actively involved in education and training. As a supervisor licenced by the Social Chamber of Slovenia he carries out supervision – individual, group or team supervision – in various governmental and nongovernmental organisations in the field of social welfare.