Country: Croatia
Tel: +385 98 440 388

As a social worker, after graduating from the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Zagreb (years 1976 to 1980), title: Graduated Engineer of Social Work (Social worker), I joined the education in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory (1987-89). As a member of the Croatian Association for Reality Therapy Zagreb, I attended education in Psychotherapy, and obtained the European Certificate of Psychotherapy in 2011. In my long-term practice in the social care system, I have worked with parents, partners, children, young people, associates and professionals who deal with children, young people and families.
I conducted individual, partner and family counselling and psychotherapy, led various group activities, educational and support workshops. I participated in the creation and implementation of various projects aimed at supporting families. I have spent most of my working experience as head of the Family Center of the Istrian Region – Family Counselling Center.