Country: Slovenia
Tel: +386 31 765 252

I was born in Celje in 1952 where I finished primary school, grammar school and then completed my studies in Psychology at the Facullty of Arts in Ljubljana. At the Faculty of Medicine, I completed postgraduate studies in psychopathology and studies in the treatment of alcohol dependence. Later, I specialized in psychological counseling and did a module of supervision and metasupervision. I worked with juvenile delinquents, was employed in Celje Prison, in the Police and in the Army. For the last 20 years I worked in the Vojnik Psychiatric Hospital, in the Department for the treatment of addiction.
In 1990 I became RTC, in 1999 BIW and in 2001 ECP. Finally, in 2007 I received a Slovenian certificate for psychotherapy (SCP).
I have been retired for several years now and still work under contract for the Vojnik Psychiatric Hospital. At the same time, I advise through the organization called POSVET (Consultation) and offer supervision to younger colleagues.