Country: Croatia
Tel: +385 91 60 70 311

Matea Jukić Talaja graduated in field of psychology in University of Zagreb and received a degree in psychology. Since 2006, she has been a member of the Lanterna association, which provides counseling, psychotherapy and assistance to families in order to improve their quality of life. From the year of 2007. she has been employed as an associate psychologist in a kindergarten in Makarska. In 2017. she acquired the title of reality therapy psychotherapist at EIRT and since has applied her professional knowledge and skills in the field of Choice Theory through many years of experience in working with adults, youth and children. She applies principles and beliefs explained by the theory of choice in different segments of personal activity (individual work, creating different educational materials and group work). For the last five years, in collaboration with her colleague Ivona Vučić (reality therapy psychotherapist), she has been leading educational focus groups of Choice Theory, which aim to use Glasser’s teachings in improving the mental health of the individual.