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John Brickell DC is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a counsellor/psychotherapist and coach (specialising in Choice Psychology, Reality Therapy & trauma treatment); and is a certified practitioner working in association with the ‘SIRPA’ organization – dedicated to recovery/healing from psycho-physiological distress and chronic pain. He is the co-author of two books and numerous publications in Choice Theory psychology, Reality Therapy, and in the field of psycho-physiological stress.

John is a Senior Faculty member of the William Glasser International institute and Director of  Faculty Development for the William Glasser Institute UK. He has taught CT/RT in North America, the Far East, the Middle East, in several European countries and throughout the UK.
As well as currently focusing on counselling and supporting people with Chronic Pain, John has a wide experience as an independent counsellor/psychotherapist, and was for several years a drug and alcohol addictions counsellor in the city of Milton Keynes, in the UK.