Country: Croatia

I am a sociologist and counseling therapist. I have ten years of experience working in civil society organization in the field of education and working with educators to strengthen their social competencies, mental health and good relationships as a foundation of a qualitative school life.  Also, I have many years of experience of volunteer work in the counseling centers of the associations Igra, Plavi telefon, Center for Eating Disorders Bea and Ambidekster where I worked in individual and group counseling. As a counseling therapist, I am working with clients on their daily life challenges and problems. I believe that personal development and getting to know oneself is the foundation for good and harmonious relationships with oneself and others. I strongly believe in lifelong learning, so I am  continuously participating  in education in order to continue to develop both professionally and personally.

In my free time I am  practicing yoga, singing, reading books, socializing and staying in nature.