Country: Slovenia
Tel: +386 31 301 083

Herman Vernik is a professor of defectology. He received his European Certificate of Psychotherapy in 2001 and Slovenian Certificate of Psychotherapy in 2005 and obtained the title of Reality Therapy Psychotherapist in 2009. Until his retirement, he was the director of the Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Parents Maribor for 23 years. In addition, he taught choice theory to social pedagogy students for eight years at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. As an international expert in counselling, I trained counsellors in newly established counselling centres in Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina between 2003 and 2009.

He has met clients with psychiatric diagnostics and marital and parenting issues in his psychotherapeutic practice. He also offered supervision to employees at the Social Work Centres.

For a long time, he was a full member of the teaching staff of the William Glasser International Institute in Los Angeles and the Institute for Reality Therapy, later renamed to European Institute for Reality Therapy.