Country: Croatia
Tel: +385 981911566

Eva Brlek, Ph.D., professor of educational rehabilitation and psychotherapist, graduated in educational rehabilitation at the Faculty of Educational Rehabilitation in Zagreb in 2008. After graduation, she attended a five-year postgraduate education in reality psychotherapy and acquired the title of EAP psychotherapist. She received her PhD degree in 2021 by studying the impact of auditory and visual stimuli on attention variability within children’s communication process, with an emphasis on children with hyperactive disorder.

She has completed many additional courses in child development and therapeutic procedures that contribute to the development of abilities, knowledge and interests in children, such as applying creative techniques in working with children, encouraging sensory integration in children with disabilities, anger management, Marte meo natural support development, a holistic approach to the development of communication and speech, education in early psychomotor development and many other seminars and congresses both in Croatia and abroad. She participated in the two-year training course The Integrative Developmental Supervision in Education. She regularly conducts seminars and workshops for educators, teachers, and parents in the areas of educational rehabilitation, communication and psychotherapeutic counselling.