Country: Croatia

Educationalist, theater educationalist and reality psychotherapist

I applied the knowledge of The theory of choice as a theater educationalist through workshops of stage creativity and development drama as well as through professional-methodical preparations, development and organizational tasks. I further advanced in this area while working with students of art school, their parents and professors.

My Reality therapy proficiency was used in Therapy Community Ne-ovisnost while working with the gamble, drug and alcohol addicts in expert-development team. Furthermore, these skills were used in the Care department of Osijek prison in therapeutic and advisory work with prisoners.

I executed different types of projects in the area of emotional, social, cognitive and moral value working on understanding of my own behavior and advancement of relationships in educationalist Center for peace, non-violence and human rights.

My personal communication and organization skills are continuously directed towards acquisition of new knowledge and creative expression in the realm of Theory of Choice and Reality Therapy.